453 in concrete

Welcome to 453 Music, the illustrious record label division of United Record Pressing, nestled in the vibrant heart of Nashville at 453 Chestnut Street. Our roots run deep in the music industry’s history, with our parent company, United Record Pressing, pioneering vinyl record manufacturing since 1949. This rich heritage lays the foundation for 453 Music, which emerged onto the scene with our inaugural release in 2010—the enchanting LP “Ghosts” by the UK’s own Smoke Fairies.

Our catalog boasts an eclectic mix of 7” singles from groundbreaking artists such as Turbo Fruits, Pujol, and the innovative Bruise Cruise series, showcasing our commitment to diverse and dynamic musical expressions. Continuing our tradition of musical innovation, we recently launched the “Upstairs at United” series—a collection of 12″ EPs that capture the raw energy and authenticity of notable acts recording live, direct to analog tape in the iconic record release room situated above the historic United Record Pressing plant.

At 453 Music, we honor our past as we forge the future of vinyl records, embracing both tradition and innovation to deliver unforgettable musical experiences. Join us on this journey, where history meets creativity, and exceptional music finds its home.

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