Cory Chisel - Upstairs at United, Vol. 2
453-1963 (LP)

On August 17th, 2011, Volume 2 of Upstairs at United was put to tape. This recording features five live studio recordings from Cory Chisel. Together with longtime collaborator Adriel Harris and a talented group of musicians, Cory recorded 5 tracks, including two cover songs, ''Rosie'' (Tom Waits) and ''The Change Is Made'' (Bee Gees), along with three well known but previously unrecorded originals ''Old Love'', ''Never Meant to Love You'', and ''In The Deep End.'' Among the other musicians, Brendan Benson makes an appearance on drums, keys, guitar and talkbox. ''It was amazing to connect to the lineage of talent that has walked through that room at United. You could feel the voodoo in the walls. And recording live to tape and cutting straight to lacquer - the way it used to be done - heightened the recording in such a unique way. I feel lucky to be a part of this project that honors United's history so well'' said Cory Chisel.

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We're quite proud of the artists who've participated in the series and how eclectic it's been thus far.

To date we've done releases from:
Brendan Benson
Cory Chisel
Jeff The Brotherhood
North Mississippi Allstars
Smoke Fairies
Willy Mason
Chuck Mead
Henry Wagons
Bobby Rush
The Cults
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