453 Music
A division of United Record Pressing.

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453 Music is the record label division of United Record Pressing in Nashville and takes its name from the street address of the pressing plant (453 Chestnut Street). While United has been manufacturing records since 1949, 453 released their first record as a label in 2010. The first release was Ghosts, an LP by UK duo the Smoke Fairies. To date 453 has released 7''s by the likes of the Turbo Fruits, Pujol and the Bruise Cruise series. Most recently, 453 has started a 12" EP series called Upstairs at United, which features notable acts recording live direct to analog tape in the record release room above the historic United Record Pressing plant.

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453 Music - A division of United Record Pressing
453 Chestnut Street • Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Phone: 615-259-9396 Toll Free: 866-407-3165 • Fax: 615-244-3734 • E-mail: united@urpressing.com